Support Ticket

Infocore Solutions uses high standards on support and information delivered. Support is provided through phone, e-mail and ticketing system and it is organised around 3 levels. A tracking system report will be enabled for better tracking of the issues. The incident levels can be found in the table below:

Priority CategoryAccess MethodResponse TimeResolution Time
Priority 1 – MajorPhone, Email, Ticketing1 hour1 business day
Priority 2 – ModerateEmail, Ticketing4 hours5 business days
Priority 3 – MinorEmail, Ticketing24 hours10 business days

SLA KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): Our issue response rates, where a work-around is provided for moderate and major issues, are minimal, while our resolution rates are:

  • Major
    • 0.78 days
  • Moderate
    • 1.8 days
  • Minor
    • 7.25 days