Executive Summary

The aluminium industry is the largest non-ferrous industry in Greece, consisting from more than 3000 large and small companies. It is Greece’s 2nd larger sector in exports and commercial balance.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study concerns the employment of a modern tracking system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the production facilities and warehouses of one of the biggest aluminium extrusion companies in Greece.

In the context of this study the following were performed:

  • a survey of the current production, storage and transportation processes of the company,
  • interviews with staff and executive members of the company,
  • research for possible deployment and usage scenarios through academic research and white papers of successful applications of the technology in industry sectors with similar characteristics and requirements,
  • market research for RFID readers, tags and software stacks,
  • performance of on-site experiments and trials of various usage scenarios using RFID equipment.

Project Deliverable

The outcome of the project was the proposal for the implementation of two alternative scenarios, which both used hardware specialised for heavy metal environment on the metal pallets already employed by the company: (a) readers on the gates that detect the pallets as they are passing through or (b) readers integrated into the forklifts detecting the pallets they are carrying or the pallets they are within their range. Both the aforementioned scenarios were shown through the on-site experiments to provide unprecedented visibility on the procedures of the company, both in the production sites and warehouses.

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