Executive Summary

The project concerns the development of a mobile application and a server side real-time machine learning engine, in order to recommend points of interest worth to be visited by tourists, according to their preferences.

Research & Development

In the context of this project and study the following were performed:

  • background research on already developed travel recommendation systems, their advantages and disadvantages and the methodology used for recommendations,
  • a survey to collect the requirements of prospective users and requirements collection from the interested parties,
  • specification, design and development of a real-time machine learning system capable of statistically analysing real-time data streams of preferences and locations of users being sent from a mobile application and predicting in real time what would be interesting for them, while at the same time anticipating shifts and evolution in trends,
  • design and development of the administration interface of the system, where the administrators could retrieve useful reports for the usage of the system and insightful statistics,
  • development of a mobile application, where the users could enter their preferences, rate the points of interest, view their personalised recommendations and be navigated to the selected points of interest.

Project Deliverable

The deliverable of the project was a travel application that included development of recommendation system, spatial clustering algorithms and GIS features.

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