Executive Summary

One of the biggest problems within the hospital under study is the lack of organisation concerning management and maintenance of medical equipment, tools, medicine, implants and blood supplies.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study concerns the employment of a modern tracking system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) within a large hospital in Greece. In the context of this study the following were performed:

  • survey and data requirements of procedures (on-site inspection, interviews and bibliographic research):
    • in the wards,
    • in the Operating Rooms,
    • in the blood bank,
    • of the support staff,
    • on the arrival of ambulances,
    • for waste management,
    • for logistics and procurement (both from 3rd parties, as well as within the hospital),
  • interviews with doctors, support staff and management,
  • research for possible deployment and usage scenarios through academic research and white papers of successful applications of the technology,
  • research for possible health implications of the technology,
  • research for possible interference with medical equipment,
  • market research for appropriate RFID readers, tags and software stacks,
  • performance of on-site experiments and trials of various usage scenarios using RFID equipment

Project Deliverable

The deliverable of the project were:

  • specification of the data storage and processing requirements
  • definition of services that would improve the procedures
  • proposal for the implementation of four scenarios
  • tracking of the supply chain of the hospital for medical equipment
  • tracking of the blood supplies and automatic procurement
  • support for blood transfusion procedures
  • tracking of implants

The benefits from the deployment of the proposed solution were:

  • Implant and medical equipment tracking
    • Real time tracking of location
    • Real time tracking of inventory
    • Notifications on misplacement
    • Reduction of human error
    • Improvement of procurement
  • Blood supplies tracking
    • Real time tracking of location
    • Real time tracking of status
    • Notifications on various events
    • Reduction of human error

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