Executive Summary

The project concerns the employment of real-time analytics in data streams emitted from a mobile phone tracking system in a large supermarket in Greece.

Research & Development

In the context of this project the following were performed:

  • analysis of the data already collected from an developed tracking system, both concerning its structure and by applying clustering to discover possible usage scenarios,
  • a survey of the layout of the store and the locations of the tracking mechanisms, in order to create a correlation matrix of the detections and clarify the results of the analysis,
  • specification, design and development of a real-time machine learning system capable of recognising the fingerprint of the movement of customers within the supermarket and
    classifying it in various classes.

Project Deliverable

Through this project:

  • Degrees of similarity between users can be calculated, allowing grouping the users in categories of shoppers who, when visiting the store, take a similar route and stay there
    for a similar time.
  • Shopping “missions” can be identified (i.e. fast moving customers that pick up some targeted products).
  • Focus points of customers were able to be detected.

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